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Sunday, May 29, 2016


Hey People,

So, those of you who read the blog and/or follow me on instagram (etc.) will undoubtedly know that I have been based in Tokyo (Japan) for the past 5-ish years.  The first year was a wild experiment in living in the boonies and regularly commuting hundreds of miles to Tokyo for events.  The next 4 years, up until now, saw all sorts of awesome, as I opened RAMPAGE STUDIOS, took on the responsibility of self production, and occasionally managing production for friends and close collaborators.  I can't imagine ever having accomplished what I have without the opportunities provided by actually living in the mother-land of Sofubi; 30 minute access to the mold makers, direct phone calls to all production facilities, purchasing paint and other necessary supplies at local storefronts and face-to-face communication with every person who does this sort of work for a living in Japan.  Top all this off with the incredibly unique space that I was able to rent and use as RAMPAGE STUDIOS, and it all adds up to a dream-like happy-land without limits for progress in the field of Japan-based toy production.

I am endlessly thankful for all the opportunity afforded to me while living in Japan - and in Tokyo in particular.  I also realize how fortunate I have been to have the long-term acceptance and support of the vast majority of Japanese collectors and creators - something I attribute to my willingness to learn the Japanese language and communicate with Sofubi enthusiasts and makers in their own tongue.  

OK, so, yeah - I'm moving back to America - specifically to the Northeast (NY area-ish).

It's hard to explain the many reasons for such a move, but it's basis is the fact that I had never intended to be abroad for much more than one year.  And now it has been five!

RAMPAGE will continue to produce Sofubi at the same feverish pace, and with the same focus on quality and the same materials.  I have every confidence in the connections and support system I have established in Japan, so I'm not stressed about the transition - though it might result in a momentary slow-down.

Honestly, I am very excited for this move.  The timing for actually departing Japan is based roughly on my attendance of New York Comic Con in October.  I'm over-the-moon excited for Fall in the northeast; pumpkin patches (and pumpkin beer!), apple orchards, and perfect weather for rock climbing and mountain biking with friends I have seldom seen in the past 5 years.  I also look forward to getting involved in the art scene in the New York area, and hope to meet a bunch of people at NYCC and the Clutter Gallery, and hopefully elsewhere as well!

I'd like to wrap up this announcement with this:  Thank you to my incredibly (unfathomably incredibly) supportive and awesome wife for being there over the past 5 years - always supporting me to push and develop my work to the point it has now reached.  

So, that's the news.  Thanks for reading and thanks for all of your support.  Stay tuned for new toy news and updates on the move!


Thursday, May 12, 2016


Hey Guys!

Just some info about a couple releases via MEDICOM TOY.  These guys:

Kesagake is now available via web-pre-order, which you can grab here:

The Ultra Dudes were sold via the Medicom Shop storefront in Shibuya.

Tonight is 'Kaiju vs. Modular' in Ropppongi.  I'll be at booth K1 with Leo Sofubi Buoya and Yoda-san.  Then, tomorrow and Sunday is Design Festa!  I'll be there both days at Booth B-142.  I'm bringing oodles of cute - including a couple new release figures and also some ugly stuff :-P  Gachapon and Dinos will be in abundance!  Come on by and hang out!

Saturday, April 9, 2016



Next Sunday (4/17/2016) I'll be hosting an event with my buddy Datadub (Figlab/Fig-X) here at RAMPAGE STUDIOS!  There will be an assortment of Figlab colorway releases, and maybe some surprise stuff.   This will be the first time in ages that I've held any sort of event/opening on a Sunday here in the space, so please come by and hang out and see what's up!

Here's a booty-leg flyer I whiped up in a few minutes :-P

I'll also have a bit of a yard sale going on that day - house supplies and the like ^_^
The following week I'm taking part in the POP BOX event at the Shibuya Loft location here in Tokyo!  This will be the first time I've been involved in this event - yay!  I'm trying to prepare a selection of cute and ugly stuff , some t-shirts and stickers, and a gachapon machine full of goodies!  It runs for 2 weeks - so be sure to swing by if you're around!
Then, on the following Sunday (4/24/2016) it's Superfestival!  I'll be sharing a booth space with Datadub and The Galaxy People - AND Bwana Spoons will be around as well!  Should be a good time!  I'll try and work up a good selection of customs and a few this's and that's - all to be uploaded to Instagram as they get done.
Is there more?  Of course!!!  After Sufes I think I'll be doing something at the Dai Kaiju Salon in Nakano!  No clue exactly what yet - but something!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Hey People!

Lots of events coming up!  Crazy amounts!

This weekend I'll be in Osaka - next Monday at the SOFUBI BANPAKU organized by Yamomark and JUNGLE!  Come by if you are around!

Next up - I've sent a custom HAG DX to Australia for the Soft Vinyl Garden Event.  Should be an amazing show for those of you Down Under!

Then there's SUFES, The Mandarake Suriose (sp?) event, and DESIGN FESTA - which will be preceded by this cool event in Ropppongi (Tokyo) that combines tunes, libations and SOFUBI!  KAIJU vs MODULAR!  Wowza!

I've got a few new molds in the works now, and am hoping to slowly leak these new dudes out over the next couple of months!  Keep your eyes peeled for BWANA x RAMPAGE (GRAVY!), NEW DINOS and other goodies as well!


Sunday, March 6, 2016


OK - here we go!

Contest time!  Time to have a bit of fun with your RAMPAGE TOYS!  This contest will be judged by me and the public, and will award those who get creative.  None of the standard 're-post this silly picture a million times' garbage, and none of the 'you have to follow me' garbage.  Just have fun.

RAMPAGE TOYS' Instagram Contest Rules:

-To enter you must post a photo of your favorite RAMPAGE TOYS figure OR an ORIGINAL illustration (drawing, painting, etc.) of your favorite RAMPAGE TOYS character.

-You must tag me in the photo: JMRAMPAGE

-Please include the following hashtags and mentions along with your post (copy and paste the following text to avoid typos and whatnot): #rampagetoys  #rampagetoyscontest @jmrampage

-Please post your image to Instagram by 3/31/2016

-I will choose my 10 favorite images from all posted images, then I will repost the images to my own feed.

-3 winners will be chosen based on the number of likes that each photo receives.  So, I will not be the final judge of the 10 chosen images, but rather my followers will be!

-Prizes will be shipped to the three winners.  They will be good prizes, but I'm keeping them secret in order to avoid any sort of 'hype based participation.'  This is for fun people - have fun!

-You may share info about the contest, but if you simply repost my post - well - you lose!

Hope to see some fun pictures!  Thanks in advance to all who participate!

NEW T-shirts Coming Up!

Hello Hello!

Toys are great and all, but occasionally it's fun to take a break from sculpting and painting, and sit down with good old paper and ink for a bit of drawing.

A couple weeks ago I had the itch to finally create a new design for some RAMPAGE TOYS t-shirts!  I got out a big sheet of the old cotton fiber paper and a few different drawing implements and stayed up WAY to late drawing and inking a design that, ultimately, I'm pretty psyched about.  Here's the design:

I've gotten in touch with a local printer here in Tokyo - a friend of mine who's business has been in his family for a couple generations.  He's currently getting the screen prepped to get these shirts rolling.

I will open up pre-orders (projected April shipping) for these shirts this coming Thursday (3/10).  There will be 4 different color-variants available - hopefully something for everyone!

Pleas have a look in the shop this coming Thursday.  Shirts will be up for pre-order for about 2 weeks.

In other news - random time and date shop-drop coming up this week - a few this and thats (hint - drop will be on my birthday!).  Also - all orders that are currently waiting on shipment will be on their way in the next 3 days!  Thanks for all your patience!

Monday, February 29, 2016

New Stuff

Well, since I took the time to update the blog design, I may as well put some new content in here as well!

Thank you to all who grabbed something during last week's shop drop.  I will start shipping orders this week - completing shipping next week.

I was especially excited to be able to paint a batch of The Galaxy People's DREXYL figures!  What an awesome toy!

Speaking of The Galaxy People (Brian) - he and I will be facing off in the upcoming Clutter Gallery "Battlers" exhibition.  Pretty cool concept for a show - two makers team up - paint one figure each (in our case, we did 2!) - and they are sold as 'Battle Sets.'  Here's the event poster:

Lots of awesome makers/artists in this one.  Be sure to check it out if you can!

Lastly - for those of you who are (A) in Tokyo and (B) actually reading this - I will be at PUMP Craftt Beer Bar this Thursday evening with a bag of new toys for sale.  Impromptu Bar Drop!  I'll probably be over there between 8 and 9 PM on that day.  Not sure what all I'll have, but definitely a couple RAMPAGE x GEEK Atomic Congs (pics will be on Instagram soonish).

Thanks for stopping by the blog!  New sculpts and toys coming this Spring, so I'll start sharing progress soon!  Exciting collabs and dinos and stuff!