Head over to the Tenacious Toys' webstore for RAMPAGE TOYS! Tenacious Toys is always hosting an assortment of RAMPAGE goodies - check it out!

Also check out the One Up (toy shop in Akihabara, Tokyo) for some wild and crazy customs from their monthly Pandemonium custom toy shows. I contribute most months.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

RAMPAGE x MVH Ollie - first announcement

This Spring I was very fortunate to have the chance to work with Rich Montanari - of MVH (Mutant Vinyl Hardcore) fame.  Painting Rich's figures was super fun, and I'm glad to say that, at that time, we organized a release - and the time for the release is coming up!

JULY 1st
This will be a release of 5 figures - painted (by me) in the "Blood God Ollie" colorway, shown above.  Milk chocolate brown vinyl base with red, metallic and black sprays, and some thuggy brassy bling.  Will come bagged with header.
Price: $200 (includes Yuupack Shipping within Japan or EMS shipping to all international destinations)
Raffle Open July 1st - July 2nd (24 open time for all locations worldwide).  Winners will be announced on July 3rd.  Shipping will happen by July 9th.


TICKETS @ 18:00 (18時から抽選券配り)
SALES START @ 19:00 (19時発売開始)
PARTY STARTS @ 20:00 (20時からパーティ)
This Friday, RAMPAGE STUDIOS will host an array of original sofubi creations from the one and only Paul Kaiju!!!  The line up will include handpainted editions from Paul as well as a couple batches of figures painted by me (RAMPAGE) here at the studio!   Featured heavily will be the Mockbat and his Pilot, but attendees can also expect a shot at a few other choice morsels.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


It has been a whirlwind around here since I returned from London at the end of April!  First there was Superfestival, then (the very next weekend!) there was an event run by Mandarake in Nakano and then yesterday and the day before was Design Festa - a marathon 2 day event  - 8 hours each day!  Just about everyhting from Sufes and the Mandarake gig is gonzo now, but I will be doing a major shop overhaul today - getting averything I have left from Design Festa loaded in there and live by around 6AM tomorrow!

So - onto the next main event!  ELEGAB x PLASEEBO at RAMPAGE STDIOS!!!!!

Sure to be a most excellent exhibition!!!  Featuring Japanese Sofubi maker ELEGAB (Nari-san) and American Toymaker and Artist PLASEEBO (Bob Conge).  The show is set to showcase loads of customs by both artists, as well as a smattering of customs by me (utilizing figures from both Plaseebo and Elegab).   

Adding to the excitement, ELEGAB will be previewing a BRAND NEW full sized figure at the show - dropping the first release! 

The show will open at RAMPAGE STUDIOS on Friday (5/30) - party and sales to get underway at 7PM that evening.  The show will also be open Saturday (5/31) and Sunday (6/1) from 11AM-4PM.

On-line sales will commence on Monday, 6/2 - after the RAMPAGE mailing list gets first dibs ;-)
Here's some teaser shots:

Hope to see some of you guys at the event!

Monday, April 7, 2014

London Bound!

Hey People!

RAMPAGE TOYS is heading to London this week, and is set to attend this Saturday's London Toy Con!  I will be at  booth #16 with my buddy TRU:TEK.  If you have been keeping an eye on Instagram and/or Facebook, you'll have noticed the various reveals of the collabs and exclusives I will have in tow.  There are A LOT!  Since I'm only accepting Cash for the event, I wanted to get a price list up here on the ol' blog - so people can come prepared with the pounds they need.  MOST of the stuff listed is in the above photo, but some things are not, and still others will be a surprise ^_^

So, here's the skinny on what I'll have on the table (followed by approximate prices in GBP):

RAMPAGE OG figures:
-Toycon Pink and Turquoise 'squishy dinos' - 30
-Micro UU and My Little Unicorn set (GID vinyl) - 15
-Assorted blank micros and Ugly Unicorns - 5~20
-Red shiny Lab Mice (limited to 10 sets) - 35
-Various Ugly Unicorn and Gachapon Goblin customs by the likes of Refreshment Toys, Uamou and Blobpus - 35~

RAMPAGE handpaint collaborative releases:
- x SPLURRT Usir (edition of 10, clear vinyl with with vinyl insert, internal and external paint) - 45
- x SPLURRT Evolved Beast Diggler (Edition of 4, green vinyl base) - 70
- x UKY DAYDREAMER Octrien (20, yellow base vinyl) - 12
- x UKY x SHIMOMOKU (20, black base vinyl) - 18
- x Konatsuya Shibara and Negora set (Edition of 10, white base vinyl) - 50
- x KROTPONG - KILLER KRAMPUS sample for pre-order (limited to 7 orders) - 75
- x UAMOU - various one-offs and a micro run of 3 'Rainy Day London Uamous' - 25~
-A few one-off customs (eg. Negora, Whooper Looper) - price TBD

Exclusives from other Makers:
-COJICA Toys Monoclon (white - limited to 10 at Toycon) - 35
-Galaxy People (release TBD - price TBD)
-Various AWESOME exclusives from Refreshment Toys (cats, ice cream - lots!) - 25~30

-2 VERY special one-of-a-kind figures from the hands of Cosmo Knight Alpha's YODA-san. 
-RAMPAGE one-off Sludge Demon (only managed one to bring)

Oodles of RAMPAGE x TARANTULAS (Nibbler) mash-ups - all painted by me!  Keep an eye on the TARANTULAS website and such for teasers/updates, and come EARLY to snag the good stuff ^_^

That's about all (I think!).  Hope to meet a bunch of people there!  As always, I'll try and get things online as soon as posssible if there are things remaining, but since I'll be in London, it might be a bit pof a wait.  Please hop on the mailing if you want to be up to date on the left-over situation ^_-


Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Lab Mice Live!

RAMPAGE x SPLURRT Lab Mice Pre-order is live in the shop through 3/24!!!

All pre-orders get you a chance to win one of 3 handpaint figures by SPLURRT himself!  He will be doing a Cadaver Kid, a set of mice and one more (yet undisclosed) one-off!  Grab some mutant mice and get your chance at a 'golden ticket custom!'


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore X Skull Head Butt at RAMPAGE STUDIOS!

After a fun Keshi Party and a Wonderfestival that was good (despite the mega snowstorm hampering the crowds), it's time to get psyched for this year's FIRST full on show at RAMPAGE STUDIOS:


For this one, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Skull Head Butt (Marmit) team up and release what are sure to be a killer group of custom figures!  MVH will be painting SHB figures and SHB will be doing custom MVH figures.  To round it all off, I will also contribute a little group of RAMPAGE custom MVH and SHB figures (psyched!).

Event Details:

-Opening Party: 3/14 19:00~ (ticketed sales - tickets will be distributed starting at 6PM on a random and first come first served basis.  Entry will be for 5 people at a time. Coming early does not guarantee you an early entry to purchase figures) Toys and libations will be on hand.  Once sales have chilled out, everyone is free to hang out, chat and stare at the toys. (変な日本語:オープンパーティー:金曜日3月14日19時から~ チケットの販売。18時からチケットあげます、ランドム番号で。5人ずつ展示に入ることができます。販売のおわり時からぜひ飲みましょう!)

-Saturday and Sunday (3/15-16): 11:00-16:00 (display of all figures and maybe more new stuff and maybe a release - sales will be on a first come first served basis) (土と日曜日3月15-16日:11時から16時まで:売り物ありますと、ふつうな販売します)。

-Any remaining items will be online in the RAMPAGE WEBSHOP on the Monday following the show's closing.

This should be a good one!  Keep an eye on @mutantvinylhardcore and @jmrampage on Instagram for updates!  See you there! 

Friday, January 31, 2014


Long time no blog update!

Last month's Superfestival was AWESOME!  Thank you EVERYONE for the support at the event and on-line afterwards.  You all ROCK!!!

Been busy around here - getting ready for 2014's inaugural event at RAMPAGE STUDIOS and for Wonderfestival on the same weekend!  Here's some images and info on the upcoming stuff - NEXT WEEKEND!

TRU:TEK will be in attendance at RAMPAGE STUDIOS!  February 7th from 7PM until whenever.  New Keshi, new Gachapon and libations!

WONDERFESTIVAL!  Winter 2014 edition featuring TONS of stuff!  I will have New Frenzy X RAMPAGE Cupcake Luchadors (full vinyl version), New Dinos, Ugly Unicorns painted by Justin Hillgrove and OODLES of new micros in sets and singles form.  SUNDAY 2/9 !

Hope to see some of you there!